Handmade in a Beautiful Way

On my policy page, I talk a bit about the nature of handmade products, but I wanted to add this page to talk about what goes in to the creation of each piece and break down the materials I use so that you have a great understanding of what you are paying for and the metals I use on my earrings. 

First off, everything in my shop is handmade in small batches in my tiny studio here at my apartment. Over the past year and a half of working with clay, my techniques and skills have been worked on to a point where I am extremely proud of the quality of my pieces. All of my work is durable, strong, and will last you many years to come. As always, it is important to take care of your jewelry: sharp earring backs can scratch the front of clay pieces, tugging on them with a lot of force can cause the jump rings to break, and so on but I go over this on my policy page anyway. What I want to talk about here is how the pieces are made: 

Polymer clay is extremely forgiving, soft, and easy to mold - causing it to be fantastic to work with, but also easy to leave behind tiny marks of the artist: tiny finger prints, minuscule bubbles, etc. I will never sell an earring that has large blemishes or issues that can be easily recognized, however small instances may happen and that is what makes every single unique. I have developed techniques that help me avoid these blemishes all together almost 95% of the time, however I truly believe that anything handmade is beautiful because it isn't 100% perfect - who would want to pay for something handmade when it looks made by a machine anyway? 

This being said, come 2021 I wanted to review what else makes my jewelry stand up in quality besides the handwork put in to each clay piece: 

- All of my stud backs are titanium posts. This means any earring where you cannot see the back (so the top piece acts as a stud even if it is a dangle) has a titanium post, which is as close to completely hypoallergenic as possible. They do not contain any other metals, so they are completely nickel / gold free and will not turn your ears green. 

- The ball posts and hoops I use are gold filled, which is a high quality material that will not tarnish or turn your ears / skin green. However, if you have a gold allergy reach out to me and we can try a different option. 

- The jumprings I use are gold filled or white gold filled so they will not tarnish. 

- Finally, the necklace chains I use are also gold filled so they will not tarnish or leave your skin green. 

With the use of these high quality metals as well as the hardworking I put in to every piece I make by hand, these pieces will last you years to come!

New Product Opportunities

With Society6 I have the opportunity to offer products that I cannot produce in my small studio space; pruducts such as professional art prints, phone cases, and greeting cards can now be printed with my artwork on this new platform!

One of my favorite products is my Poison Petal phone cases, pictured to the right, which come in a range of colors and are available for android and apple phones!

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