Ophelia By Design, Giving Back

Ophelia By Design believes it is important to give back, as of January 2022 we have raised over $4,000 for a variety of non-profit organizations. 

Past donations:

June & July 2020: $120 to The Trevor Project, $150 to The Audre Lorde Project

August 2020: $180 to Divas with Disabilities Project

September 2020: $200 to Closer to Free Fund

October 2020: $231.75 to the YWCA of Greenwich, CT

November 2020: $200 to Warrior Women Project

December 2020: $150 to Ronald McDonald House

January 2021: $150 to the Okra Project

February 2021: 3 local Black-owned book shops supported, 13 books by Black authors purchased & donated to public schools and library's 

March 2021: $150 to IGNITE Worldwide

April & May 2021: $150 to the NRDC and $138 to One Tree Planted (to plant 138 new trees)

June 2021: $100 to BAGLY in Boston, MA

July 2021: $55 to The Trevor Project

August & September 2021: $50 to Allies in Arts

October 2021: $50 to The Orange Shirt Society

November 2021: $75 to Greater Boston Food Bank

December 2021: $50 to Transanta

January 2022: $50 to Ronald McDonald House

Earrings for every occasion!

Of course our primary focus has always been handmade earrings, and we certainly have a pair of earrings for every occasion! We have plenty of holiday-themed earrings available, but also earrings that can be worn all year round which really do make perfect gifts!

Shop earrings here

New in 2022: apparel!

We've added apparel to this mix later this year and I am LOVING the results! These sweatshirts & long sleeve shirts are perfect for your loved ones who are in to spooky vibes all year long, magical things, and well...cats (at least for the Ophelia sweatshirt).

Shop apparel here

Tote Bags!

Treat yourself, or a loved one, to a tote bag! These bags are made of 100% sturdy canvas, measure about 15.75" square, and feature some of my favorite design pieces! Treat Yourself is a great motto and reminder for someone who enjoys doing a little shopping, Poison Petal is a funky and bold design for your badass friend, and Hagrid's Hut features the sweetest design every Harry Potter fan will adore.

*Poison Petal totes will restock the weekend of November 26th*

Shop totes here


Looking for something small and inexpensive to put in a stocking, card, or little gift? Stickers are the answer! We currently have over 10 designs to choose from in a variety of themes, colors, and sizes! All of our stickers are vinyl and meant to last (perfect for laptops, water bottles, etc). Only a few of our designs are pictured here!

Shop stickers here

Gift Cards!

Last but not least, we have gift cards! These digital gift cards will be emailed to you (or whoever's email you input) immediately after purchase! These gift cards make great stocking stuffers, fold nicely into a small box, and of course are perfect for last minute gifting! Scroll down to view gift card options.

Ophelia by Design Gift Card

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