Ophelia By Design, Giving Back

Ophelia By Design believes it is important to give back, as of January 2022 we have raised over $4,000 for a variety of non-profit organizations. 

Past donations:

June & July 2020: $120 to The Trevor Project, $150 to The Audre Lorde Project

August 2020: $180 to Divas with Disabilities Project

September 2020: $200 to Closer to Free Fund

October 2020: $231.75 to the YWCA of Greenwich, CT

November 2020: $200 to Warrior Women Project

December 2020: $150 to Ronald McDonald House

January 2021: $150 to the Okra Project

February 2021: 3 local Black-owned book shops supported, 13 books by Black authors purchased & donated to public schools and library's 

March 2021: $150 to IGNITE Worldwide

April & May 2021: $150 to the NRDC and $138 to One Tree Planted (to plant 138 new trees)

June 2021: $100 to BAGLY in Boston, MA

July 2021: $55 to The Trevor Project

August & September 2021: $50 to Allies in Arts

October 2021: $50 to The Orange Shirt Society

November 2021: $75 to Greater Boston Food Bank

December 2021: $50 to Transanta

January 2022: $50 to Ronald McDonald House

New Product Opportunities

With Society6 I have the opportunity to offer products that I cannot produce in my small studio space; pruducts such as professional art prints, phone cases, and greeting cards can now be printed with my artwork on this new platform!

One of my favorite products is my Poison Petal phone cases, pictured to the right, which come in a range of colors and are available for android and apple phones!

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