Hello! Thank you so much for checking out Ophelia by Design – your support means the world to me and I hope you are loving what you see!


A little bit about me and Ophelia by Design:

My name is Morgan and I am the sole owner, artist, designer, packaging expert, and social media manager for Ophelia by Design! I started OBD after picking up polymer clay in 2019 to give myself a hands-on creative outlet outside of my 9-5. As we moved through a pandemic, I began to work harder on perfecting my craft and growing my small business to keep my dream of being a full time artist alive. Since then, I have grown OBD to be something I never imagined was possible; I create art everyday for you and that is absolutely amazing. 

I have always been an artist at heart; my first love was photography (something I studied in college), in grad school I fell in love with more hands-on / less digital art such as screen printing, and afterwards I began to work with clay. My main drive for creating art is simply making people happy. There is no better feeling than putting hard work and love into something that brings a smile to others, and having those people want to purchase my art is truly the cherry on top. The most important thing to me is making art that bring people a spark of joy, and I hope you see that when scrolling through my website. 

Today, in 2023, you'll find not only earrings but also apparel and accessories (like totes, stickers, keychains, etc.) because I am admittedly one of those people that finds a new artistic process and latches on to it. I've been a graphic designer professionally for a few years, so being able to introduce products to OBD that feature my design work has been another dream come true! 

That's all a little about me! 


Now a bit about Ophelia:

Ophelia is my 7 year old tabby cat who is the namesake of Ophelia by Design. She puts in a lot of hardwork by testing product quality (aka pushing it off of my desk), being the cutest mascot, and taking plenty of naps so mom doesn't have to. Ophelia is the sweetest, least cat-like cat you could ever meet and I really hope to do a pop up at a cat cafe sometime so folks can meet the namesake of this little business. She deserves all the love, pets, and treats she can get. Of course, by supporting Ophelia by Design, you are supporting her treat stash and adorable chunky tummy. 🐾