A little about me and Ophelia By Design

My name is Morgan and I have always loved creating – from graphic design & photography in college, to polymer clay art! I decided to pick up polymer clay because I was looking for a creative outlet to keep me busy, productive, and relaxed after work (I cannot sit still in front of the TV for very long). After I had created a few pieces and gifted some to my friends, I realized that what I was loving most about this new medium was how excited it made those ladies I gave my earrings to – and thus I decided to create a small business out of my new artistic outlet. I named my business after my sweet 5 year old tabby cat, Ophelia, purely because I love her and I felt that it had a nice ring to it! I currently work out of Quincy, MA in my apartment with my supportive boyfriend, Matt, and Ophelia by my side, however I love to travel and move around, so as I like to say, each pair of earrings is uniquely handmade “wherever I am” and shipped to “wherever you are”. Maybe you’ll even see me at a market near you one day!


Every time I come up with new ideas, designs, and colors I am keeping all of you in mind – as well as what is trendy today, what would look great this season, what has been requested, the list goes on and on! I personally think that anyone can rock funky, bold earrings – no matter your orientation, hair length, or personality – and that is why I offer a variety of sizes and colors, so each one of you can find the perfect pair to complement your look! I also offer hook or clip on backs if you cannot wear (or dislike wearing) studs, just leave a note when you order to make this request. My goal is to spread happiness, confidence, and fun earrings to anyone and everyone that wants the chance to add a funky accessory to their wardrobe.


My love for creating is pretty evenly matched with my love for helping the environment and communities in need. This is why your earrings are delivered in reusable cardboard boxes, and safely packaged in eco-friendly materials! I do my absolute best to reduce carbon emissions and pollution by sending your earrings out in the best possible way, and I would love for you to recycle the items you receive as best you can!