Art for your ears.

Handmade with the utmost care, quality, and creativity, Ophelia by Design is here to be your new favorite accessory. These pieces are works of wearable art, inspired by beautiful things in the world, made for everyone and anyone to wear. Be bold, fashionable, and shine with confidence - that is my hope for all of my customers, no matter who you are. 

Stay beautiful, confident, and true to yourself. 

Morgan & Ophelia

Ophelia By Design, giving back.

Every month OBD runs a donation raffle; we choose a specific charity / donation for the month, and open donations through our checkout system & Venmo. At the end of the month, the money donated by our kind customers is tallied up and a winner is chosen from those who donated to receive a free pair of earrings! It is thanks to your generous support and willingness to give back that we have donated thousands to over 18 incredible organizations since 2020.

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